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Looking for shoe brands for men specifically, then you have come to the right place. Your shoes are very important accessories to complete a good outfit. Shoes are one of the essential items in a man’s wardrobe. A good outfit is incomplete without a good pair of shoes.  Hey here is a list of shoes that take your style from boring to stylish.  

Men’s fashion brands on shoes include various brands of shoes. These pairs of shoes could be dressy, casual, or formal. Some pairs of shoes can serve most purposes at once. Here are some of the fashion brand shoes essential for men for different reasons and purposes.


The number one on our list is the brown brogue. It is versatile and stylish. It can be dressed from office to outing. However, the brown brogue is more of a cornerstone to smart casual clothing or wardrobe. Brogue itself means the shoe’s decorative punching along with the leather of the shoe. The more the brogue in a shoe, the more casually made the shoe becomes and less formal.

The black brogue is best worn with a suit but not appropriate with a black tie.


It is above sneakers on the formality spectrum, but brogues are more formal than Suede Chukka in men’s fashion brands. This shoe brand offers itself to be at the more casual end of the fashion spectrum and serves as an alternative to sneakers. The chukka is an elegant but simple shoe with open lacing and two to three eyelets. Also, it is usually found in suede or leather form in between dressy and casual outfits. Furthermore, combining a pair of chukka with a sports jacket gives one an approachable look.


Loafers are everyday-go-to kind of fashion brand shoes. They are comfortable, cool, and casual. Similarly, loafers work with formal and casual outfits, just like the Brogues and the Chukkas. Although they are not suitable to wear with full suits, Loafers are recommended with sports coats, denim, or chinos.

A pair of brown loafers will fit a range of palettes, and it is suitable for both casual and formal outfits. The Italian-made and horse-bit loafers are other great options, differentiated by the metal strap in front. They both represent the basis of premium footwear.



Oxford and Derby are similar. The only difference is that Oxford has closed lacing while Derby is open. The design was formerly a plain fashion shoe made up of leather, but with time and over the years, it has evolved, and now made with a broad range of fabrics has been added to the design and detailing. Most men now own good pairs of black Oxfords, mainly for formal occasions. However, this shoe also looks great in the casual outfit in a tan color.

Black Oxford is appropriate for most formal occasions like funerals, black tie events, and weddings. However, Brown Oxford is more casual and versatile than black Oxford. This means that the lighter the shade of color, the more casual. A nice cap-toe Oxford is suitable for a first dress shoe.

  • BOOTS 

Boots could be more casual or stylish dressed depending on personal preference. There’s certain uniqueness about a well-worn pair of boots, whatever the case may be. For example, a brown pair is usually used because they go well with dark wash denim, wool trousers, corduroy, or chinos. There are different boots, including the Cheyanne II boots, Duke Chelsea boots, and Red Wing’s Classic Moc Boots.

The Cheyanne II boots are snow boots which means they are the kind of shoes you don’t need until you need them. They are not for fashion purposes but are only needed when the need arises. They are used in the winter and are waterproof to warm the feet when snowing.

Chelsea boots are a basic piece of footwear; they’re comfortable, air-smoothed, straightforward, and practically give out an old-school look. Combining it with jeans and chinos gives a nice look. Notwithstanding, they can also be matched and worn with suits. They come in various colors and are either designed with suede or leather.

Red Wing’s Classic Moc Boot is designed to last longer; for this reason, it is noted as No. 1 when investing in solid pairs of shoes.


Sneakers are used for more casual outfits. The canvas sneaker is suitable for all types of outings that are casual. Sneakers are stylish and a great alternative to slippers or sandals. They are also versatile. A pair of relaxed running but fashionable sneakers is a must-have in any wardrobe, while running sneakers are designed to feel good and comfortable rather than look good. For versatile purposes, choose a style with little branding to be used for styling purposes and a comfortable running sneaker to have. Bright colors work well for street looks. It is advisable to choose a color that can be easily maintained.


They are made from soft leather or suede. Moccasins are soft and comfortable pairs of shoes. They are similar to loafers and are often mistaken for loafers. Both of them are completely different sets of shoes. It is quite easy to differentiate them because moccasins have laces, whereas loafers do not.

Moccasins are simple pairs of shoes made with soft leather with no heel. They are stitched to the sole with a U-shaped piece of leather, with the sides of the shoe meeting the uppers. These shoes are fashion brand shoes worn today, and they are now made in a different variety of colors and designs.

Finally, fashion brand shoes for men come in different styles and designs and are used for different purposes. They could be used for casual or formal outfits. The choice of styles and designs of these men’s shoes depends more on personal preferences.

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